Privacy Policy:

We Promote Safe Surfing For Children On The Internet. Therefore, Children under 13 yrs of age must have their Parents Submit information to us with their verifiable consent.    Information received is not intended to be shared with or sold to third parties however it should not be considered secure or private. Information submitted to us provides a means of contacting parties in the future in the manner in which they provide. Faxes that are directed to us via an Internet Service and may be viewed by an internet service during transmission and  or transmission difficulties and should not be considered secure or private. Information submitted  over the internet and to this Domain should not be considered secure. It is possible Hackers and or third parties may intercept any information you send to us via the internet, Fax, Phone or by  mail. Please be aware of this. We, the parties of this domain and its owners will not be legally responsible for any occurrences resulting from information that is lost, stolen or viewed by third parties or other parties as well as their actions as a result of intercepting any information you submit to us and or this Domain in any form of transmission, phone or mailing. This notice is posted in accordance to a  New Federal Trade Commission Law. Thank You.

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